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What I covered in my talk is just the very start of a huge conversation exploring the current patriarchal capitalist system we work within and the transformational potential of our business to create a new economy and industry which centres truth, self care and community.

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Hello. My name is Emma Appleton.
I am a builder and community facilitator.

I am asking the question can I have money and power AND and honest and equitable relationship with the earth, my community and myself.

I believe that a building site is a transformative place for everyone involved. And it is a perfect place to begin to create new systems and practices that experiment with a new social and economic power dynamic. A change is possible beginning with ourselves, our communities and our workspaces.

I am actively looking for craftspeople / builders who would like to be part of this revolution.

Find me on Instagram @emma_builder_joiner
or email me at emma@emmaappleton.co.uk.

I create bespoke small buildings through my business:
Radouk: Space to Be


Beautiful in their simplicity, skilfully crafted with care – bespoke natural buildings that hold the space for the magic to happen. – A haven for you – for your ideas and dreams.

A place to explore the untrodden roads of your creativity, a space to relax and stop, somewhere to meet yourself again.

Whatever the purpose, I believe that having a space of one’s own can be transformative. It is a radical act of self care. Radouk provides the space for your journey.

Throughout my work I work to create space for all who wish to be involved in the creation of our buildings, and centre joy and ease in all parts of the process.