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And create a culture on our building sites that honours generosity, honesty and self care. 

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What I covered in my talk is just the very start of a huge conversation. 

What does a feminist building site look like? Is the current building site culture an extreme version of patriarchal capitalism? If we centre joy and ease on building sites will any work get done? 

I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 

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My name is Emma Appleton.
I am a builder.

I am asking the question can I have money and power AND and honest and equitable relationship with the earth, my community and myself.

I believe that a building site is a transformative place for everyone involved. And it is a perfect place to begin to create new systems and practices that experiment with a new social and economic power dynamic. A change is possible beginning with ourselves, our communities and our workspaces.

I complete renovations and build homes and cabins using ecologically sensitive materials – if you are interested in my building work head over to radouk! 

Find me on Instagram @emma_builder_joiner
or email me at emma@emmaappleton.co.uk.