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About me

Hello. My name is Emma Appleton.

I am a builder and community facilitator.

I build houses and community buildings which are warm, bright and just enough. I am inspired by buildings that have a simple beauty and work just perfectly for their owner. The ease of functionality of a space has an inherent attractiveness. 

Warm, bright and just enough is my design mantra to help me focus on the things that really matter. 

I am a trained carpenter and joiner I specialised in Heritage woodwork following an apprenticeship with the Princes Foundation. It is inspiring to work on buildings that tell stories of their history. I was taught by an incredible master craftsperson who leaves a relief of a lion’s head cast in lead in each of his projects for craftspeople of the future to discover as their complete their own repairs.

In many of my projects I focus on enabling people to be involved in the building process. There are many ways you can be part of the construction. Each person will find a way that they most enjoy contributing. I work with many self build clients who want to save money, have a new life experience and want to create something uniquely their own. 

I teach courses in carpentry and natural building on construction sites.  I love it because; it is possible to build a temporary utopian society; because working together can make a relaxed, creative atmosphere to share dreams and stories and because the people who come on the courses tend to be really great people to meet and spend time with. 

I have recently moved from the Isle of Skye to Machynlleth in Wales, I love the mountains and the sea and the people of this brilliant town. 


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